The Common Vein copyright 2007


Transport in the City

46817 transport train subway system Boston Davidoff MD

Normal Pressures

49483b01 heart cardiac LV left ventricle aorta aortic systemic circulation capillary capillaries arterioles venules right atrium RA right ventricle RV normal physiology pressures hemodynamics Davidoff MD Davidoff art

Transport System in the Leaf

69798.800 leaf tree branch parts tubes transport veins maple leaf Davidoff photography

Transport System inthe Gland

39939b05 Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD code pancreas 39k pancreatic

Ureteral Jets at The UVJ – Delivery of Urine to the Bladder

74911c01 distal ureter uretero vesical junction UVJ normal ureters ureteric jets bladder anatomy CTscan Courtesy Ahley Davidoff MD

Applied Biology

Alternate Pathways in Disease – River Anaology

01216 liver hepatic coronary vein esophageal varices dx portal hypertension cirrhosis transportal venogram venography Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD

Heart Failure Kerley B lines

42545c01.800 heart cardiac lungs secondary lobules interstitium interlobular septa thickening fx Kerley B lines dx CHF congestive heart failure plain film CXR Davidoff MD

Stenting the Obstructions

0916030018 This is a case of a central squamous carcinoma causing obstruction of the right mainstem bronchus and SVC requiring stents in both. This image tells the story of how tubular transport function is compromised by reduced size, and how size can be restored by modern technology. 0916030018 Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD size tracheobronchial tree SVC vein stent anatomy applied biology applied anatomy CXR

Bronchopneumonia- Centrilobular

47614c01 lung axial interstitium bronchioles connective tissue fx bronchial plugging peribronchial halo peribronchial thickening dx bronchopneumonia CTscan Davidoff MD

Lung Cancer Invading the Left Atrium

42379.800 heart cardiac pulmonary veins LA left atrium fx mass dx lung carcinooma invading the left atrium CTscan Davidoff MD space tumor aggressive space

Failure of Delivery

Acute and Chronic Infarction

49685C01 brain DWI occipital lobe fx vague hypodensity right occipital lobe with encephalomalacia and ex vacuo changes in the left occipital and posterior parietal region dx acute infarction right occipital lobe chronic infarction left occipItoparietal lobe a IR white matter disease vague increase in right b T2 gliosis left parietal c DWI bright acute right occipital d CT vague hypodensity right occipital old infarct left dx acute infarction right occipital lobe chronic infarction left parietal lobe MRI diffusion weighted imaging CTscan Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD