The Common Vein Copyright 2007


Newborn Pelvis – Adult Pelvis

72111b01.800 bone pelvis innominate bone iliac bone ischium pubic bone femur newborn growth sacrum lumbar vertebra normal Davidoff MD

24923b01 pelvis bone normal iliac crest ischium pubic symphisis pubic bone hip femur femoral head femoral neck ischium ischial tuberosity greater trochanter lesser trochanter normal anatomy CTscan scout plain film Davidoff MD

Follicles in a Reproductive Female – Cyclical Phases -Size and Time

71689 ovary follicles normal anatomy function physiology TCV Applied Biology Cycle time USscan Davidoff MD

Evolving Dominant Follicle

71688 ovary follicles dominant follicle normal anatomy function physiology TCV Applied Biology Cycle time USscan Davidoff MD 71689

Ovulation – Mid Cycle

47025c01 young patient with known ovulation one day earlier ovary Graafian follicle rupture tear drop shape pear shaped ovulation physiology normal anatomy USscan Davidoff MD

Growth Plates – 8 years old

49468c01 hx 8 year old with pain foot bone normal 8year old growth plates epiphyses calcaneus talus cuboid cuneiform diaphyses growth plates tarsals metatarsals normal anatomy size plain X-ray Davidoff MD


Dwarf with Kyphosis and secondary hypertrphy of the rectus abdominis muscles

49838c05 50 year old female with respiratory difficulty trachea bronchi rectus abdominis muscle compression fractures kyphosis dwarf dwarfism right aortic arch tracheomalacia tracheal stenosis rectus abdominis muscle hypertrophy Davidoff MD Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD CTscan 49838 49838c01 49838c02 49838c03 49838c04 49838c05 shape size position character growth

Venous Angioma Around the Cerebellum

71730c02 brain cerebellum vermis vein enlarged venous angioma old bleed superior left vermis – cerebellar venous malformation vascular malformation a = T1 pre gadolinium b = T1 post contrast c = T1 pre gadolinium d = T1 post contrast e = T1 pre gadolinium f = T1 post contrast MRI Davidoff MD

Fetal Femur 3.3cms at 20 weeks

49775 bone femur fetus intrauterine femoral length time age size normal USscan Davidoff MD