Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve at the Dawn of Time Tyhinking about the Design and Function of the Cells
by Ashley Davidoff MD
In the beginning
Ashley Davidoff MD
Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden’s Cell Shop
Adam and Eve ventured into the Garden of Eden Cell Shop with their shopping list of the functional needs for their society.
by Ashley Davidoff

The Neuron – “Il Presidente”
They chose the brain cell or neuron for its leadership, and they playfully called it “Il Presidente.” Crucially, the neuron could connect not only with other brain cells, but also (directly or indirectly) with every cell in the body. The neuron could also react to the outside environment.
By Ashley Davidoff

Adam and Eve Trying on the Brain Cell for Size
Adam tried on the brain cell and sought Eve’s approval. It was tailored for both the internal and external environments.
Modified public domain work of Henri Rousseau “The Dream” 1910 (MoMA)
By Ashley Davidoff
The Neuron
by Ashley Davidoff MD