Storage – Physiology

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Storage in Peru

0074.800 Peru corn storage drying in the sun food carbohydrate Davidoff photography Davidoff MD


02387p USA New Hampshire storage food store farm water phone wires electricity electrical TCV the common vein Davidoff photography Davidoff MD

Obesity pre and post bypass

48433c01.800 55 F s/p gastric bypass 4 years prior a, c pre bypass b,d post bypass adipose tissue subcutaneous fat size stomach nutrition metabolic fatty liver steatosis morbid obesity gallbladder fossa fatty sparing CTscan Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD

Round in Disorder

49671c01 abdomen fat adipose tissue storage rotund belly umbilicus belly button surface rendring CTscan Davidoff MD

Morbid Obesity

49715 woman adipose tissue obesity small on the inside large on the outside fat storage CTscan scout Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD


Silos of a Connecticut Farm

87606p02.8s Berkshires silos Connecticut storage DAvidoff art Davidoff photography copyright 2009 all rights reserved