Protection – Physiology

The Common Vein copyright 2007


White Cells in Defence Against the Enemy

85146pc01.800 white cell leukocyte polymorphonucleocyte pinocytosis lysosymes dissolution dissolve foreign body chemotaxis enzymes nucleus defence normal function physiology Davidoff Art Davidoff MD

Protective Systems  Macrophage and Bony Thoracic Cage

71680b02.800 reticuloendothelial system macrophage cell protection immune scavenger leukocyte white cell Davidoff art Davidoff MD normal cytology

49640 bone rib thoracic spine spinous processes scapula protection support CTscan volume rendering Davidoff MD

Tents of the Revolution – Protection from the Natural Elements

84120p.800 tents Minuteman park protection American militia Concord Massachusetts The beginning of the American Revolution resistance along the Battle Road Trail extending from Lexington to Concord Minute man National Historical Park Reenactment July 3rd 2007 in the fields of Hartwell tavern Davidoff photography

Variety of Homes in South Africa

This collage of the nature of housing in various socioeconomic grups, starting from the primitive and rural tin shanty in Transvaal South Africa, (1,2) through the decorated mud hut with a straw roof (3), the brick houses of Soweto (4,5) corrugated iron roof of a house in Vereeniging (6), the elegance of Cape houses in Seapoint Cape Town to a mansion in Holliston Massachesetts. Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD. 57700cl

Reconstruction of the Skull with Methacrylate

72744c01 bone brain skull temporal bone parietal bone methacrylate surgery methacrylate craniotomy protection surgery treatment CTscan Davidoff MD Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD

Body Wall – Protection

49640 bone rib thoracic spine spinous processes scapula protection support CTscan volume rendering Davidoff MD

Herniated Lung

In this patient rib fractures resulted in a focal defect in the right lower lung field and resulting herniation of the lung.  This is seen in the cross sectional images in a and b, in the coronal reformat in c, and in the volume rendering image in d.

46106c02 Davidoff MD

Potential for Disaster Treated

49586c01 bone thoracic spine compression fracture trauma cement reenforcement wek link units to unity units to dysunity joints treatment CTscan Davidoff MD

Bonding in Defence of Rights

84015p.800 Lincoln Massachusetts Minuteman State PArk Reenactment of the days of the Revolution America circa 1775 army link connections bonds defence offence war men army gun horses Boston Davidoff photography

Trauma to Capsule of the Car